Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Whatta Day!!!

Seriously, I have been hoping for something great to post...You selling our place!!!! But No!!!!! No!!! I didn't get that. I knew this morning I should've faked an illness and hide under the covers. I seriously should've listened to that prompting, but no!!! I am stubborn and I really just wanted to get the work day over with. Hubby awoke and getting dressed opted to wear his workboots with the heavy soles instead of his tennis shoe sole style workboots. He also opted for a long sleeve thermal shirt instead of a short sleeve t-shirt. Why?! Well, he had no idea. So as we drove the kids to school I rubbed my eyes wishing I had stayed hidden under the covers. We got to work and as we walked in something was completely off. We made it to the back counter and then stood there as cars passed by without their noise being muffled. There was also a crackling sound along with a quiet tinkling. It took a few seconds to register exatly what was happening. That was when our eyes focused on the front door. Here is what we saw:

Not really thrilled we had the glass replaced and this time with tempered glass. We assumed it was a couple of kids palying and throwing rocks at each other. Our door simply was in the way. I'd rather think that, than something such as some board youth with a baseball bat. Right after we started the clean up I had to help a customer with boots. As I grabbed the box WHAM-O!!!! A cardboard cut spanning the entire tip of my index finger. Yes, i am wincing while typing, but truth be all are worth it!!!

Anyway, that was my blogworthy day. Perhaps tomorrow will be a bit easier!!!

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Hatch Family said... you said, whatta way to start your day. i hope your day ended better than it started!?!?