Wednesday, June 10, 2009

When Pride Gets In The Way...

While spending yet another day packing up the house I was talking to my parents and they wanted me to let them know if I needed anything and not to let my pride stop me from asking for help. I assured them all was well and that I would let them know if I needed anything. I asked them last week for 3 dozen more eggs as we've gone through eggs like crazy and their chickens produce a large amount of eggs. Of course, I do have to say I don't know what I am going to do when I have to go back to store bought eggs. I love the rich yellows of the yolks and having an occasional duck egg in the mix is always fun as it is quite a bit larger. Anyway, upon requesting more eggs they decided to bring a few items over to help us stretch our dollars much farther. I promised them I would let them know if I needed anything.

After finishing our packing for the day we said our good-byes and they told me they would come back on Monday to help finish...though most of it is done. We are organizing now. later on in the early evening a couple from our previous ward who has taken it upon themselves to check on my family every week. The dear woman gave me a hug and whispered a question into my ear: "How is your food?" Well, I can't lie. It's thinning, but this is why we have food help us stretch our dollars. We are well fed with full tummies. The wood is leaving next week which will give me the full payment and make life feel much better. I found it nice that this couple was thinking of me and making sure my family was taken care of in our tough times...truly grateful. A few minutes earlier another sweet woman I've met working with her in a calling or two had caled me asking if I would be home as she wanted to drop something off to me. She showed with a full meal for my kids and I. Yes, times are difficult and if I needed something more I would and have asked before, but the thoughts in these people who I've been blessed to share my life here on this earth. Someone who thought to bring my family dinner just to ease my burden a little. I've seen so many small things that meant the most to me. A sweet friend who is dealing with a great personal tragedy took the time to come and give me a hug when she thought I needed it...and I did.

Before you all start panicking thinking I have no food in my cupboards...don't. We are all perfectly fine. To be perfectly hoenst I haven't even made a dent in our food storage. I always wondered how long what we stored would last. I can most defintiely say...what we have left would last my entire family at least 9 months, maybe longer combined with fresh veggies and meats. This has been an amazing experience for us to know that we'd followed what the prophets had asked us to do and we are grateful for that knowledge.

I would like to challenge bloggy look for someone who may be flailing in the middle of a trial and try to change their day. And for anyone who lives in my city...that does not mean you target me!!! I know of several people who could use a shoulder to lean on.


Jan the crazy lady said...

I am so glad that there are people in your life that do listen to the spirit and are giving and kind to your and your kids. I am so sorry about all the difficulies Tammy. You are one strong mother.

I hope all continues well for you.

Poetry of Life said...

We love you Tammy!

Jen said...

I am so glad that others are reaching out to you. I love you!
♥ Jen