Thursday, June 11, 2009

Determined To Move On...

Dear friends, you've given me such good advice. The problem is I've been the rock for such a long time it will take some time for the erosion to take effect. No longer will I be the only rock everyone will lean on. slowly I will help my hubby become the rock he should be and together we will hold up the mountain top...together. You all had some great advice that will only make us stronger. I've already started to demand him to be my rock. He knows it is coming...he has known since I had my little breakdown on the phone last month. I think we went wrong by actually working together. We should've never done it, but you live and learn. We will survive. The good news is my rock-in-training has accomplished the task I sat before him. We shall see if he accomplishies the next task on monday...we shall see!!!


H.K. said...

I'm so glad your allowing your husband to the rock that you need. It's during our roughest trials that we realize how strong we really are.

I related so much to your last post about pride. For years we were the family who always donated gifts for Christmas and it was an eye opener one Christmas when the R.S. president asked what they can get US for Christmas.

We were a family that always prided ourselves for doing thing on our own. We learned during my husband's unemployment to let people help us. One friend gave me money and I wanted her to take it back, she looked at me and said, "I need the blessings, please take this."

It was truly a humbling experience. I wish I knew about blogging then, it would have been great to have had another source of emotional support.

You can email me anytime to vent or just unload (i guess that's the same)

I'm praying for ya!

Jan the crazy lady said...

I think that after this experience, you will both be more immovable and solid like rocks. But yes, he will cherish his time of rock. You need each other. I am glad you get to be together soon.