Friday, June 26, 2009

Last Morning...

As I look out the front window of what I lovingly call the money pit I see the palm trees in the front yard lit up with the golden sun of the morning. I can tell you right's going to be a hot one. Not one palm frond is moving...always a bad sign for the people who have no air conditioning. Bummer.

Yesterday, I woke up with a purpose. A major list of things needed to be accomplished before the men showed up for the loading. I have to admit...we were fairly least like to pretend that and we don't want to distract me do we? I didn't think so!!!

By 10 o'clock last night I had yet to eat any breakfast, lunch or dinner and my supply of Dr. Pepper had run out. I beleive at the point I discovered this the kids ran screaming from the room..."Head for the hills!!!" they called over their shoulders...dorks every one of them, but their my dorks and I love them...every other tuesday. I was so thankful when it was done and everything was loaded. I truly was ready to pass out from exhaustion.

After a quick run to McDonald's to buy my kids dinner...yes at 10pm. I'm guessing I am not going to win the Mother of the Year award for that move, whatever. The kids slept on Molly's bed and I took the couch. Yes, I said couch and bed. There's a logical explanation for both. Molly has a queen size white iron bed that will fill the entire bedroom of the one she is slated to share with her sister. We will be shipping that off today to my parent's house where they've gathered a lot of our items we can't truly use or fit. And yes, I slept on the know. the one that won't fit onto the trailer!!!! Aargh!!! so we will have no where to sit in the living room for a bit. I'm sure we'll find something when we are down there...I hope.

Anyway, I am about to wake my kids for their last day of school here in California. They will miss their friends and I will most definitely miss mine. One friend who hosted...along with another...dropped by to hand me a book of memories. She had pics from everyone at the party along with notes from all. It was really touching that my whacked out sense of humor was amusing to all. I will most definitely miss all my friends here, but with our blogs and facebook I am quite sure we will never lose touch and for any and all who make their way down to Texas...if you can climb rthe stairs to my 3rd floor apartment then you are welcome to stay. We'll hang out, explore the Alamo and realize it will feel like time never passed since our departure.

I am looking forward to tomorrow, getting on the road and starting our trek. Texas is our land of promise, besides....I'll air conditioning and a dishwasher! Life is good.


Momza said...

Tammy, I am so so so EXCITED for you! This journey is about to enlarge your lives and give it depth you cannot now imagine!
You have handled this challenge with first rate CLASS all the way, Sis!
There are people you are going to meet in Texas that will count themselves blessed to meet you and your family!
It really is ALL GOOD!
Happy Trails Friend!

Poetry of Life said...

Good for you Tammy! Put it all behind you. We will be reading anxiously for each post to see what your travels have uncovered. Ever think about making your journey into a book of some type? I think it would be a best seller! We love you and will miss you terribly!