Friday, June 19, 2009

A Litte Ray of Sunshine...

This morning I groaned as I rolled out of bed. I had to face yet another mindnumbing day of packing and preparation for the move. I was not looking forward to it and my body has been aching lately to the point where I can barely handle it in the morning, but still I give myself props because I actually rolled out of bed BEFORE my alarm went on. On I trudged taking the kids to school, picking up a blanket for packing items, running a few errands of the sort. I had no idea what events would unfold.

After returning home my husband called to let me know I had forgot to pay our cell phone bill. Of course I ran to pay the bill and with all the stress and moving it apparently had slipped my mind for over a month. When i originally walked in to pay I let the woman working there know I needed to pay the bill and then I was interested in buying a car charger for my cell phone in case of emergency. Well, to my surprise...and utter horror I hadn't paid my bill for two months!!! No wonder they called. I felt horrible and I told the woman I would need to wait since I was going to pay the full amount and I hadn't expected it. She asked me to wait and asked to see my cell phone. I showed her and she disappeared into the back and reappeared holding the charger which she comp'd to me for making sure the bill was paid. I was so appreciative! She must have thought I was a loon for tearing up!!!

Returning back home and working on my packing of the kitchen I began working again. Hubby called happy I was able to take care of it and get it all settled. he then started worrying about not hearing back from the apartments we applied to. I mean really, I'm leaving in 1 week folks!!! I was a bundle of anxiety myself, but kept it close as I waited patiently. Needless to say, I was thrilled to find they had accepted us, but with one condition...we pay three months in advance. NO PROBLEM!! Again I am thankful for all the help with the paid for our three months rent. I told her it was no issue and that I would wire the money to my husband and he could bring it in on Wednesday. I am thrilled!!! Another little burst of sunshine. And yes, that is our future home right there!!!

Finally, as I was getting ready to update the blog and share my minor miracles...and yet such wonderful former Alhambra guy showed up to check on our water needs. He easily noticed the mountain of packed boxes in the living room and realized we were good. he then asked to check the water cooler. He quickly looked and then announced he would be back on Monday sometime. He wanted to exchange the cooler for a newer version for the move. I insisted he didn't need to worry about it, but he smiled patted me on the shoulder and smiled. As he walked away he said: "See you Monday!" What a sweetheart! I am so grateful right now!!!

So friends...little rays of light are parting the clouds at least for today and bit by bit my future looks brighter and brighter everyday.

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Nicole said...

i am so happy to hear things are starting to fall in place for you guys. love you all and good luck with the move. i will miss you guys. tell uncle don and the kids i love them please