Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Good-bye My Laurels!!!!

Tonight was our official good-bye to the seniors who've graduated over the past few weeks. I wanted to share a photo of my girls. I had all but one of them present and they are truly awesome. I truly adore these girls and aside from their parents I am their biggest fan. I am sad to see these girls go, but I know they are heading off to their adventures in their lives. These girls are incredibly talented and I look forward as they all intend to keep in touch over the years sharing their adventures and hearts with me. I feel blessed.


H.K. said...

Seeing your Senior Laurels go must have been a bittersweet moment. When I was in YW and the Laurels would go off to college, there was always a sense of loss, but happy that they were taking on a new venture!

Cherie said...

Wow! You have alot of girls that is so awesome!

You sound like a great leader.
My daughter was a Senior this year and also just graduated from HS and YW's. I know that as a parent I was so grateful for the loving YW leaders she had.

I am sure the parents love you as much as the girls!