Friday, June 19, 2009

Friend Potatoes...

I just thought about my grandfather. As the oldest grand-daughter I always knew I held a special place in his heart. I wish I was able to get to the pictures of me and my grandfather at two special weddings. My own and my uncle's.

At my wedding I took a special picture with just me and my grandpa together in front of the temple. He was a staunch Catholic and therefore was unable to come and see me get married, but he understood the meaning behind it and waited patiently in the waiting room while I was sealed to my husband for time and all eternity. He was a champ and standing with me in front of the temple he dressed to the hilt...his best suit, a sharp white shirt and his world series ring. he wore it to each of our weddings. You knew the day meant the most to him if he wore his ring. The first time he met my oldest daughter Corinna as a baby he wore his ring, but that's neither here nor there.

At my uncle's wedding it was a fun filled party with lots of smiles and never ending fun. We danced the night away and the floor cleared as grandpa led me across the dance floor dancing the waltz. it was a special moment I am grateful to have in photographic form to remind me.

What I reminds me the most of my Grandpa was nothing but friend potatoes. I learned to cook them when I was young and he always requested my famous fried potatoes. I made them for him at every visit. One time I used so much salt they were incredibly horrid!!! And yet he ate every last bite...while drinking a gallon of water. Poor man, I probably sent his blood pressure through the roof.

He was the same man that encouraged me to become a clown...yes, literally a clown. In fact, when he couldn't come to my high school graduation he sent a clown pin instead. We used to love clowning around together.

Today I challenge you to remember someone special in your life who has passed. What did they teach you? What was your fried potatoes?


Jan the crazy lady said...

What a fun guy to be with. I love your memory of him. I didn't know that about you being a clown. How funny.

I will think of my grandmothers. They were so much fun and I miss them terribly.

Cynthia said...

I wasn't terribly close to my Grandparents. I do remember though that Grandpa Nielson made his own chapstick from his own recipe. I make lip gloss/balm/butter etc. I sure wish I had HIS recipe. My Grandpa was an inventor who was always coming up with crazy things.