Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Phrase You Never Wanted Your Daughter To Say...

Yup!!! My 11 1/2 year old daughter said a phrase today I never expected and/or hoped to ever hear in my life.

"Oh! I forgot my pants!" She declared as we walked to the car.

Now before you call child protective services on me for being a bad parent in not noticing my daughter was wearing no really need a few more details.

I was picking her up from a going away party at Achievement girls and they were swimming. Therefore she was in her swimsuit. It is simply a question you never expected to fall across your daughters lips. These sentences appear from time to time in all of our lives. Some of my favorite sentences by the kids are:

"I'm going through a hobo phase." Not quite sure where that came from.

"Shiver me timbers & bubble me bath!" Outside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

"You're adorkable, Mom!" Well...I am!!!

"Caldron's General Store...can you help me?" answering the phone.

"I like pie." There was no pie in sight...or food for that matter!!! Random

"I not overmotional! You overmotional!!!!" Said my a 3 year old with that broke out with chicken pox the next day.

"Mom, can we get a resurrected fish for a pet?" That was today in the car on the way to school...again random 101 in this family.

We're never sure where these phrases come in, but they are funny none the less. They seem to pop out of our entire family's mouths. Several times my kids' friends have asked us if we could host our own reality show on the web so they could get a glimpse into the weirdness that is us. I told my kids their friends were obviously on drugs and that they could no longer speak to them ever again.


Jan the crazy lady said...

Those are so funny. I have not heard the adorkable before. I am sure I will soon though.

Jen said...

D is going through a hobo stage!'♥ Jen