Wednesday, June 17, 2009

10 days and counting...

Yes, people...10 DAYS UNTIL DEPARTURE!!!! I am so excited to go. Next week will be a flurry of activity so I am desperately trying to finish all the packing this week. My girls' jaws dropped when I limited them to only 7 outfits to bring along...along with one church outfit. oh and if you were wondering how high my stress level is: DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!! We don't have an apartment to live in yet. No...I'm not kidding!!! So, most of you may know I don't have high anxieties, but right now...I am tempted to freak out. We are in talks with a complex right now and they are simply waiting for verification of Don's employment. He received his first paycheck and is now slated to receive his second on Friday. He just needs to bring both pay stubs in for them to verify his employment and we will be set, but I will tell you right now I will completely lose it if we end up being turned down.

I've thought much about my situation and I've likened it to the pioneers. My husband's family joined the church in Davies County, Missouri at a time where it wasn't popular to be a member of our church. As a family they walked across the plains eventually making their way to the Salt Lake Valley after a brief two year's service at Winter Quarters as the father repaired wagon wheels for all that rolled through before their final push. Like those pioneers, the distance ahead of me looms great, almost insurmountable if you will. I'm sure the distance seemed huge to them and I wondered if they looked ahead or if sometimes they simply walked looking at their feet...watching each step across the plains. I feel like that is what I am doing right now. I am simply watching myself take each step at a time. I look at it this way...with each box I pack I make it closer and clsoer to my goal. With each board denailed and loaded onto the trailer. With each horrid sound of packing tape being stretched to seal the boxes we inch our way closer. Those ancestors who walked across the plains were blessed to make it without losing a member of their family and I pray we will be so blessed to be together again in less than two weeks.

Step by step we will make it to our destination.

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