Monday, June 8, 2009

Are you board? Come have your nails done with me!!

Saturday was an eventful day for us. With help from some of the most fabulous men in the world our old western store was turned into a war zone as we worked hard at pulling the old planks off the walls. Pulling more than the original 2500 feet of wood we thought we had we brought it a whopping total of over 3800 feet of recyclable wood. That is the best part. The old barn look is apparently in demand. THink about those old BBQ joints you love to frequent. All the old worn wood lining the walls have to come from somewhere...this time it is from us. Figuring it all out I will be earning approximately $1 per foot. In a better economy the price would be tripled!!!
The good news is all the wood is down. The bad news...every single plank needed to be "de-nailed" so to say. All day, Saturday my sister-in-law and I hammered the nails and pulled them from the wood. We managed to finished what looked like the tiniest pile in the universe. Today however, my parents and older brother came down and we managed to finish almost everything in three hours. Both my Dad and my older brother are planning on coming down and finishing the pile on Wednesday for me. I am so gratefulo for their help. I figured I'd be out there for another 4 days and with the buyer planning on coming to pick up his shipment on either Friday or Monday it needed to get done.

It's these days, when life gets to be harder than ever expected, and your family stands behind you cheering you on and throwing in their help when you need it that you learn what blessings you have. I am grateful for me my family and today when I watched my Mom and brother carrying those 18 foot long planks of wood, watched my father quietly hammering the nails out, knowing my father-in-law nearly knocked himself out working so hard to help me and my sister-in-law who is coming tomorrow to lend a hand tears gathered in my eyes. I feel so thankful for my brother-in-law and sister-in-law hosting my hubby in their home for several months while he obtained a job.I am truly thankful. Now I need a nails are horrible!!

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