Monday, June 15, 2009

24 hours..

I'm on pins and needles here. It's been a long 24 hours filled with laughter smiles and now lots of prayers. We've found an apartment that is willing to work with us. They understand I don't have a job in San Anotnio yet and are willing to work out the details. So, we have paid the deposit and are now waiting for the verdict. I am praying so hard right now we will get the green light. Honestly, I don't even care that the apartment is on the third floor. Exercise is exercise. Whatever!!!! I am just waiting now to hear. I feel calm, but in the end I am simply anxious to hear. Something good HAS to happen eventually!!!

Last night, however, was a different. Last we watched the premiere of Hammertime on A&E. I know...another reality series...but it is a little more fun when it's set in the city you live in and a friend is in it. She was mortified, but in all actuality she was adorable!!! They filmed her as she was working out. It could have been worse...she could have been stuffing her face!!! So, if any of you catch Hammertime...just know...the streets, the sites, the high school are all nearby. I know these streets well. It's kind of weird to watch a show set in your own local city...weird really.

So all...have a great day!!! Talk to you soon!!


Leslie said...

You're right...I'm glad I wasn't eating when they were taping! It was all in good fun - I've had my 5 seconds of fame. The show made Tracy look good though.

Good Luck getting the apartment!

Ninny said...

Prayers for wonderful things to come your way and that you will be able to get on with your life soon!