Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Refiner's Fire...

As I was talking to my bishop today he asked me a question that I've thought about since leaving the church.

"What have you learned from this trial you are passing through?"

A simple question you can answer many different ways as there really is so much you can learn from each trial presented before and what you expect someone to learn is not always what they do learn. So my friends, here is what I've learned:

Dreams can come true

The objects we put in our homes as decorations and/or entertainment is simply stuff.

A house is no more than an object to dwell in

A home is any space in which your family lives together

the gospel and your testimony can never be taken from can only give it away

My children are much stronger at their age than I was at their age

The prophets have impressed on us the need for food storage for a reason...and I'm grateful we listened.

The only thing that matters in this entire crazy world is our relationships with each other.

Never say it can't get always can

You really will find out who your friends are during these times.

Every time you hit the wall and think you can't take a step more...the Lord stands next to you and helps you take three more steps...allowing you to stretch yourself and grow.

Friends are found in different places and different spaces...whether face to face, telephone contact or even on the computer screen...friends are there.

You will do things you never thought you could...if only you have faith.

and finally...sometimes you need to learn to walk by faith and not by sight.

Yes, I learned a lot during this portion of my trial. I pray we are ending the difficult times and now everything will start improving.I don't know what will be happening in the future...I don't have a crystal ball, but I do know I want my family to be together again, under one roof. I don't want to have to say good night or good morning over the phone any longer. In fact, I want to shoot my cell phone, but that's an entirely different thought.


Momza said...

Since leaving the church? As in--no longer a member?

Tammy said...

OF COURSE NOT Momza!!! I would never leave the church!!! Before I joined I literally lived in outer darkness and I refuse to go back.

I guess I could've written that better...leaving the church building would've been most appropriate I think!!!

Poetry of Life said...

Way to go Tammy! I totally understand how you feel. Trials certainly stink when you are in the midst of them, but we always somehow come out stronger in the end. Sometimes I ask myself "for what?" and the answer I always seem to get is, "more trials." Hopefully this will be the hardest for you and you only have bright sunny days ahead.

Momza said...

whew! lol