Saturday, June 27, 2009

1 Day Closer!!!

Last night we slept at my parent's house and had a last great hurrah. I had fun watching my Dad play with his pigs, so aptly named: Sweet and Sour. I am so grateful for my parents. They were instrumental in helping me prepare for my move and being my contsant support during these difficult times. It really feels weird to be traveling without my husband with just the kids. I have two more days to go until I arrive at my new home and then the following week I will have to wrok on moving eveything into our home and unpacking. I still need to search listings and find a job like there is no tomorrow, but I will make it...I promise.

This morning I woke up, got showered and by the time I was ready to take off on travels my Daddy was in the kitchen frying up sausage and fresh home grown eggs scrambling in the pan. I was so grateful for the good start. We pulled away from their home knowing full well we would not be back for several years. It was sad to move on and pass Tracy one final time, but it's in the cards. The kids and I stuffed ourselves into the car and continued to drive.

We stopped at the Grapevine, a mountain pass just north of the Los Angeles area, to refuel and eat lunch outside in the bazillion degree heat... godd thing we're moving top Texas...home of the mild temperatures....just agree with me...I like it that way. When we approached LA my anxieties began to climb. One of my greatest hates is the freeway system in Los Angeles....who doesn't right? Well, we lucked out, being Saturday we were able to move through at 2 mph instead of the traditional standstill.

As we made our way to Interstate 10 and headed east I found I needed a major potty break. After about 500 exits we found the perfect stop and we all dashed in only to find the janitor had closed the women's bathroom. I eyed the men's for a moment before asking the janitor if there were other restrooms. Oh sure there were!!! On the other side of the enormous building....I nearly knocked over an 80 year old trucker to get there....walker and all...Just kidding!

Finally we made it to a small town named Blythe, just past the Mohave Desert and on the border of Arizona. It holds the key to my happiness...a air conditioned room to sleep in!!!! I didn't even mind so much seeing a couple of elderly bikers standing outside their room by their motorcycles wearing spandex shorts...although i admit I was tempted to take a picture with them!!! So, tonight my dear friends I will sleep well, not worrying about the world around me.

Tomorrow the trip continues...El Paso here I come!!!


Jen said...

You should be taking pictures! This could be like a little road journal. :) Hope you are sleeping well...I AM NOT! (back still hurts :(
♥ Jen

Tammy said...

I totally wanted to buy the lens melted at the sight of the ancient bikers in spandex shorts!!

Poetry of Life said...

Seriously! Spandex! On Bikes! That's just yucky! You should try to take some pics though. You always see weird stuff on the road! Hope today's travels are ok!