Sunday, June 21, 2009


Confession #3 billion: I don't like to be the center of attention. Most of my friends here know that. I love doing things for others, but as for myself I hate to be the focus. It literally KILLS me!!! So when my dear friends asked to put together an open house to say goodbye to my family. "," was my answer when they asked if they could host. Now, this anxiety stems back to my teen years where I planned my sweet sixteen and nobody showed up....ouch!!!

So, yesterday I put on my best smile and the girls and I went to my friend's home, which she graciously opened up for us. She and my other friend are truly the hostesses with the mostesses! I enjoyed myself and had a great time visiting with our friends. I wish I'd brought my camera. We had fabulous food and fair. I was very impressed by the cookies in the shape of cowboy boots and stars, chips and salsa and all things delicious. I was truly grateful.

I should've known all was going too well. Molly began to snuggle me and was very quiet. By the end her head was starting to hurt and I thought we were on the migraine express again. Since she was little she's had migraines when she hasn't had enough sleep. She hits the same cycle over and over. Lack of sleep= nausea + vomitting + sleeping it off. Very predictable.

Not quite the same. We left the party 15 minutes before the end and brought her home. By the time we reached home...a 5 minute drive...she jumped from a normal temp to 104. Of course I had no medicine...we are moving later on this week. So I ran to the store, picked up my son and FORGOT the medicine. I ran back out to the store, called my home teacher for a blessing, grabbed the medicine and ran home. She drank the medicine easily and then laid on the couch. She received her blessing from two worn down friends. I appreciated their time and the lovely words in which the pronounced over her head. It was a relief and slowly she began to feel better. This morning her fever is low grade, but she is much happier nonetheless.

So, I thank my good friends for hosting a party which brought me comfort in my anxious times and helping me through it all. I thank my friends for blessing my daughter. Most of all I thank all my friends for being who they are and loving me...the way I am. Thank you for your comfort!!!


Leslie said...

I hope you liked the "low key" feel of the party. Because you know Jen and I could have made it Crazy- HUgE!!:) It was fun. I hope Molly gets well quick!

Tammy said...

You guys did a wonderful job at making not only me comfortable in the situation but a fabulously low-key party. I loved the twilight soundtrack in the background and the small details in the food and such.

Thanks again to my two favorite hostesses!!!

Jen said...

ahhh, it was fun! I just wanted you to feel loved!
♥ Jen