Tuesday, September 30, 2008

It has started again...

Only twelve pages into the new book I find myself starting to click again with the characters and wanting to stay up for those few extra moments to get any words I can muster out onto paper/ computer. I am struggling at this point because I hate sitting in one place for too long. I want to move onto the next point of the book which will be much easier to write. I hate beginnings. I struggle through them every time, but at the same time they are necessary. While reading any of the harry Potter series I would sit and read dutifully the beginning at the Dursley's. I hated them and I hated the way they made Harry feel about himself. I wanted to skip right ahead to Hogwarts and jump in with both feet. Are people going to feel the same way about my story. I look way too deep into things at some point and consider the beginning and setting the story as a necessary evil. I hate, hate, hate the beginning. Knowing that once I finish the entire story I will go back and re-write the entire start anyway it makes it that much more frustrating to deal with. However, in order to get into the middle you have to start somewhere. Sad but true. now you have another strange glimpse into my world. I know, I know, you are beginning to wonder about my mental stability? Never question, just let it all go!!!

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