Monday, September 22, 2008

A Day of Rest...

That is what I wanted and that is what I got!!! Yay me!!!! After rushing back and forth from church I came home and threw together a chicken salad for the hubby and kids and dove into my bed where I promptly fell asleep!!! Again yay me!!! now I am well rested on my day off and I have to consider just what I am going to do next.I have no idea just what is in store today. I know there are things to do and never enough time, but we are getting there. we have tackled a very large part of the work needing to be accomplished here at the house.

As for the update on the property selling, there is no news yet, however I feel something is in the works somewhere. I can't explain, but it is there. Our neighbor, who works for another realtor as a fix it man, has sweetly brought our flier into the office and is passing it around in hopes to stir up some interest and apparently he has. I am grateful again. I guess these days I am feeling more and more humbled and grateful for the little things around me. Someday we will be settled and will be on our way down south. I was hoping we would be gone by now, but somehow I have discovered wanting something is not enough. So, I continue to pray and now wait. we shall see where that takes us.

I am truly grateful for my friends who still love me with all of the craziness in my life right now. I think the saddest part of us moving is that there are so many friends that we really have never had enough time to spend with. We are always at work and can never do anything fun on the weekends. That is what is going to make me the most sad!!! However, I also know there was a reason for everything that we experienced here in the store. I am grateful for that. Experiences make us what we are and form our lives. What are some experiences that have formed your life?!


Jan said...

There is nothing like diving into bed and actually going to sleep. So happy you got your rest. Sounds like you are going to need it for this week too. :)

Redhoodoos said...

Glad you got some sleep, Tammy. I hate being tired and sometimes a good sleep just does the trick.

Selling houses stinks, too. Good luck with the house selling. If it is meant to be, it will work out.