Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Welcome Home Michele!!!!

Wew ere lucky enough to surprise out niece Michele who is taking a little break from the Peace Corps to visit with family. She has spent the past few years in Mali helping out a town

with their water sanitation. It is very cool for my girl's to have such an example. She has finished her time there in Mali and has re-signed on for another tour. This time she will head to Senegal in a health position. She will be heading out to North Carolina to see her Mom before flying back, taking a bus then riding her bike into whatever village she is sent to. She hopes to find a permanent position in the government to help the people there. Have a safe trip Michele and God be with you til we meet again!!!

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TroyandJessica said...

I sure wish we could have seen her. We always miss out on the visits from family. Are you ready for that? That's o.k you'll have us. Heehee.