Friday, September 19, 2008

What is wrong with Modesty?!?!

Ok!!! SO, I am going to be standing a soap box real quick. if you won't want to hear me preach then it is time to move on to the next blog. As a mother on teen girls and a soon to be teen boy I have to say what in the world happened to modesty?! What is wrong with covering your body?! I was in the market tonight stocking up on some goods for dinner over the weekend when I made the mistake of looking at the magazine rack. I was looking at pictures of some of the newcomers to TV wearing their finest gowns on the red carpet...oh... I'd sorry, I truly don't consider those gowns. They are more like pretty material draped over and barely covering might I add an incredibly skinny young girl. WHAT IS THIS WORLD THINKING?!?!?! Truly the girl's chest could have flopped out at any time!! No, I am not kidding. Perhaps I am a little sensitive to this tonight because I cannot sleep and I have thought about this over and over.

As a parent I am trying to teach my girls that their bodies are sacred and they are not for flaunting and showing off in that nature. They have learned since they were very young that the viewing of that much skin is reserved for their husbands. I have also taught my son that he should look for a young woman who has standards and who can be beautiful and not show everything. Am I the most popular mom in the world for having these not quite, but it doesn't matter. Am I the mom that lectures teen girls who are complete strangers on how they should go home and cover their bodies up instead of looking like a tramp and leaving very little to their date's imagination?...and trust me this girl went WAY overboard. If her picture was on the front of a magazine in that same section they would have to cover up the picture. Why do I bother telling my girls and anyone else who will listen? because their parents aren't telling them they are worth it.

I am so frustrated!!! maybe I am more sensitive to it because I am working with the young women at church or maybe it is just because I am tired of being quiet when these girls need to be told they look like a cheap hooker on the side of the road. They are all beautiful girls inside and out. I would never assume their character followed the way they dress at all, but they do need to know. Perhaps I am feeling overly frustrated because while watching a replay on the net of the VMA's on, searching for a friend's daughter who was a dancer in the program, I had to listen to a babbling idiot from across the ocean making fun of the Jonas brother's choice to wear purity rings and to stay pure for marriage. There is nothing wrong with that and perhaps that is why they have half of the screaming girls as fans. Perhaps that is why I do not mind my girls listening to their music. I can't tell you for sure, but I know that with all the pitfalls out there for our youth it is a good place to start.

For all you poor souls who actually read this rant of mine...I would apologize, but honestly I am not sorry at all. I believe that the young women in the world are worth everything. There is not one whose worth is less than another. I guess I just wish I could explain to them that they don't need to wear nothing to attract a boy they like. If that's all it takes to get their attention then how do you follow it up? If they learn to like you for your fabulous personality and love you for who you truly are...quirks and all...then that is who you need to be with.

I am done...for the time being. I hope you all have a good day!!!


Jan said...

It is crazy alright. I think we are at an all time low when it comes to modesty. It really doesn't matter to most. I see it even in the mothers walking around.

My daughter knows deep down. She is uncomfortable in unmodest clothing. I am thankful. She is not a teenager yet, but she has learned it over and over again. I hope she can with stand the temptations later on. Modesty matters and if you can share it with others. Go for it Tammy.

Poetry of Life said...

Yay Tammy!!!

Jen said...

I hear ya baby!!!

Jen said...

Thanks for inspiring my new post, check it out!

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

I agree with you. Sad thing is how many of the mom's are dressing themselves. So sad.