Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I should ask Martha Stewart!!!!

Now, after talking to a friend, who I happened to graduate with, in the store we got on the subject of our 20th class reunion next year. In all honesty, and I am not the only one saying this. We have no desire to see any of our classmates. i know that sounds bad, but here is our reasoning. We really had no ultra close BFF's that we shared everything with. We we talk to our classmates, but there was just not that bond that many people have. So, we came up with an idea and I didn't know how this falls into the bonds of etiquette. Perhaps you all could help me?

Would it be a bad thing to plan an "Anti-Class Reunion Cruise" ?

I am dead serious! For those of us who really have no desire to see the people who made our four years of high school miserable we could get together and plan a cruise. We thought perhaps I could contact the classmates who didn't come to this year's reunion and invite them for the thirtieth or even the 25th!!! We laughed and thought it would be hysterical!!!
Just a thought...
What do you think Martha would say?!
I can only see her passed out at this point!!!


~The Robin's Nest~ said...

I think a cruise seems like a PERFECT idea...Can people who didn't go to your school go too? :) (hint, hint, like me?)

Jen said...

Since when did you become so rebellious???? I have been on facebook lately and people grow up. YOu never know, someone you once did not gel with could become a good friend. I say, go to the stinkin' reunion and then reward yourself with a cruise!!!!

Tammy said...

You're in Robin!!! Sounds like fun to me!!!

Jan said...

That would be my thinking in a nutshell. I know the pains of the 4 years. I know the non desire to see those that caused the pain. A anti reunion is perfect Tammy. I love it. Great job. Have fun if you go :)