Thursday, September 11, 2008

I have seen the lists of 100 things about people on the blogs and thought, boy that would be nice to do. However!!! I ahve also decided that I am not quite interesting enough to list 100 things because indeed they will get very lame as the numbers grow. So....I will give you 50 insider tips on my life: Enjoy...and yes, please laugh with me!!!!

1. I wanted to have 6 children...before I found out what having children was like...three is good.
2. I truly have more fun shopping for others at Christmastime.
3. I absolutely love to travel.
4. I was once given the opportunity to get on stage and perform at the Improv in San Francisco.
5. I am glad that I didn't...I would miss the kids and hubby I would never have receieved.
6. I sued to make a pizza called the Tammy Special at Mom's U-Bake while in high school.
7. I am such a nerd...I love the smell of school supplies and sharpened pencils.
8. I dream of writing a novel that lands on the best seller list.
9. My hubby, though never having read my wntire book last time...beleives I will be on the ebst seller list.
10. Once moved to Texas hubby offered to do all of the housework until he finds a job so I ahve all of that time to write.
11.I married my hubby in the Oakland Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
12. I truly believe that age is just a number...simply because I can't remember how old I am.
13. Phrases pop out of my mouth faster than I can stop them.
14. I grew up in South Lake Tahoe
15. My ski coach was a member of the New Zealand Olympic team and truly wanted me to make it to the Olympics.
17. My next trip out of the country will be back to Italy, then off to Greece, Turkey & Malta.
18. I've bene to Tiajuana...if you have never experienced it then I suggest you don't...I was very young.
19. I was excited to head down to mexico and use the spanish I had spent 6 years in school learning to speak, only to find out that once they saw my light blonde hair and fair skin they would speak english....AAAARGH!!!
20. I was a cheerleader for half the season...the other's attitudes were so far off from where I wanted to be that I couldn't take it and quit.
21. I do not like owning my own store.
22. I do not like shopping for clothes
23. I do like shopping for groceries.
24. I like to cook when I ahve the time.
25. I do not own a dishwasher.
26. Once i move I will have a dishwasher
27. I love the teens in our ward
28. I have a tough time with negative people.
29. I love to laugh.
30. Sometimes I have to sleep sitting up...lucky that we have adjustable beds!!!
31. My sleep number is you care. hee hee!!!
32. I have been covered head to toe in walrus vomit...on Easter Sunday growing up. I was 5!!
33.I hate walruses
34. I like to watch Pride & Prejuidice on Sunday makes hubby roll his eyes!!!
35. I went to high school with my hubby and he thought I was cute, but was too shy to ask me out. I never knew who he was.
36. I want to go back to is not the time though.
37. When I was a baby my parents out ran a tornado with my brother and I in the car.
38. I still want to get into the water with a Great White Shark...cage and all.
39. I love to snorkel.
40. I have designed my own line of shirts for the store here.
41. I am a huge Charger Fan.
42. My grandfather has his own World Series Ring.
43. I love lightning storms
44. Christmas is my favorite never lasts long enough!!!
45. I burn chocolate chip cookies everytime I try to bake them.
46. I can bake any other cookie fine
47. I make my own wontons
48. I can smile and not bat an eye at a customer even though they are covered in cow poop and they smell to the ends of the earth.
49. I am terrified of heights
50. I have been sitting here for two hours and not one customer has come in...I hate the economy!!!!

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Cali Girl said...

poor, poor, cookies. :) XDDDDDDDD