Saturday, September 6, 2008

Gone Fishing!!!

It has been a week now that the sign went up. We have our flyers that we are handing out. There are nearly 3 or 4 heading off into nowhere daily. We have had lots of nibbles but two fairly good sized bites. I am thankful for our agent. I simply wanted to know about the nibbles, not to get excited, but to know that price-wise we were on the right track. I think we are. We were even asked how much for the inventory and fixtures if the prospective buyer wanted to purchase it all. I am sure that we will go through about 10-15 of these good sized bites until our fish gets on the line. Until then, we will continue prayers, fasting and thanking our Heavenly Father for both sides of our family supporting us in our decision. It could easily be turned into a sad sad thing, but instead it has only been a positive response from our family. For that I am truly grateful. Sometimes I find when you are following revelations it is not always easy. This one we must give up everything that we have and all of our fabulous friends and go to a new place for a new lifestyle...and I guarantee Texas is a much different lifestyle from California. We will be blessed for our decision and I can see the blessings waiting for us. Even in the difficult times there is sunshine blessed sunshine. I promise to blog something a little more original than just the move next time. For now I think I had better get some sleep. It looks like I am starting to type everything backwards. Not bad, but not good either!!!! Good night and happy fishing!!! I will try and get some special photos on my niece and tell you all about her adventures!!!!


Jan said...

Good luck Tammy. And you are doing a great job in recognizing the blessing that are coming your way. Have fun fishing.

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

Hang in there. I have learned to thank God thru the good and bad times because it seems like more good comes out of the hard (bad) times then I ever could imagine-That is God for you! :)
If you want to know if your house is at the right price go to and put your address in-This will give you a general idea of if you have the price right (give or take $10,000)
Have a great day,
God bless you!