Thursday, September 25, 2008

Million Dollar Day!!!

No, sadly we did not sell the store quite yet...however that is in the works so I am not worrying about it. What happened yesterday was better. We had a very slow day, but I am appreciative of what did come in. What made it a million dollar day was a man named Larry. Larry has always had a very sweet spirit when he came in. I am not joking whatsoever when I tell you that Larry is part angel. He has always seemed to come in at just the right time to share his thoughts and bring peace to our lives. When we were taking over the store and we were being driven nuts by all the red tape and legal work needed to be done then Larry would surprisingly show up. he came in yesterday. He said he saw the for sale sign and wanted to talk. he wanted to share with us that our move would be all about attitude. if we have a bad attitude then we will be miserable in our move. If we have a good attitude then we will feel the peace and everything will move a lot easier. He even had told us that with Don's positive attitude and personality he believed a nice ol' Texan would just run by his pathway and hand him a job no questions asked. It is always a pleasure talking to Larry. After we talked about attitude either Don or I mentioned going to church down in Texas and Larry asked which church we went to. We shared that we were members of the Church of Jesus Christ of latter-Day Saints and his eyes got big. Honestly, I couldn't figure out the look of whether he was going to bolt from the store or it was a good thing. he promptly jumped into a story about how he was touched by something one of the missionaries had told him. he was investigating the church already and is looking forward to General Conference coming up. He goes to the building closest to him and told us that when he doesn't attend on Sunday he feels something missing. He shared a lot of his feelings about our church, all positive, and told us his favorite meeting of the month was testimony meeting because he loves to hear the simple testimonies and hear the hearts of the people around him. he spoke of getting baptized, but his wife is not ready. She believes our people are brainwashing her husband. He just laughs and takes it in stride. His wife is Catholic and when she chooses to go to church he happily escorts her, but when she chooses not to he goes over to our church. He is very deep in thought about being baptized. He let all of his thoughts and questions out and we answered the best we could. After explaining that I am not a wonderful scriptorian and that I remember the stories and the meanings behind them, but I could not tell you where that story was, like hubby who can rattle off everything. it was a fabulous conversation and it lasted a good two hours before Larry had to run.

In the end, we didn't make too much money, but we still had a million dollar day if you ask me!!!


Jan said...

That day is beyond a million. That is those priceless days. I love those conversations as well. When we can share about eternal things with people, that is where its at. So glad for that experience in your life Tammy.

Jen said...

He is one of those spirits who knows he is so close to get back on the path back to his Father in Heaven. What a great example! Perfect for Jan's latest post too! It is not a coincidence that missionary work is on both of your minds. YOU are both instruments in the hands of God.

Poetry of Life said...

What a great experience. He is right to. I've found the last few days to be getting grumpy and stressed and my family feeds off of me. If we can all just use some of that positive thinking, our lives would be much more easier.