Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Several Reasons Why I Am Not A Puma

So, as usual for me I woke up at 5:30am for absolutely no reason whatsoever. I do this every Tuesday. Today is my Monday so I ahve a bazillion things running through my mind. I try to be kind to hubby, since he did not sleep well the night before, and I grab my cell phone...which I use as an alarm. Unfortunately I had also dropped a handful of change that clanged as I picked up the cell phone. I grabbed my good friend, the laptop, and started for the door. hello Mr. Door!!! THUNK!!! Ouch that hurt!!!! Little birdies are still circling my head. I crept out into the living room...SQUEAK SQUEAK!!! screamed my floors. I found my may to my chair and in an attempt to keep my computer running I decide to plug it is. CRASH!!! Whoops!! Sorry, grandma. I knocked over her picture. I sit down in my favorite chair and BAM!!!! I lean bag and bring the foot rest up. Hey! There's a coffee table there! How did that get so close?!?!!?

I really am surprised my entire family is not awake and glaring at me right now, but honestly I doubt even a puma could be stealthy in this place!!!!

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