Sunday, September 21, 2008

I have calmed down now...

I truly have calmed down now. I am not as preachy as I was in the last post...thank you for enduring it my friends.

Yesterday I was working and it was a rather different day, relaxing almost. Not as many people came into the store, but we still had a great day, thanks to my Heavenly Father for that one. Anyway, I tried something new. Unfortunately I had no idea that my lovely daughter, Molly, had come to see what we were doing in the backyard as we were "playing." I also had no idea she would be taking pictures. So, if you would like to see what we were up to feel free to take a look on her blog. I think the funnest part of having kids is that they don't uunderstand how to do some things and yet they still make sense of it in their own way. Again...check Bee on the Go and you will find out what I mean.

This last week has been a busy week and I am happy that it is over so far. We have been trying to get as much ready as we can around here for whenever the move has to happen. I am truly thankful for the support we have had. Although we were hoping it would be a done deal for now we are learning patience and continue to learn patience for the time being. Patience is a good thing and we will learn it one way or another!!!

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