Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Just another weekend...or was it?

To be honest this weekend was a rather sad one. We were supposed to be in Disneyland riding the rides, enjoying a break from our lives and we wouldn't have gotten home until tomorrow. I woke up last month and felt strongly that we should not go. I had, and still to this day, have no idea why I had this feeling. We are waiting patiently to try and find the answer to something that we may never know. Yesterday, while cleaning and taking some items to the dump we realized that yesterday felt a bit different. Something was going on that we could not quite put our fingers on. Even the kids felt it. We still do not understand, but we stayed pretty much to the area in case we needed to be home for any reason. I truly am hoping that there really was a reason for us not going to Disneyland as it would be really sad to have it be one of those...you'll understand in the eternities...things. Don desperately has needed a vacation...he hasn't had one in two years!!! It would be sad to have no seeable reason for not going. Oh well, there is a reason for everything!!!!


Jan said...

It is always safe to follow the spirit. Even if you never know why. There is always another better time. Take care

Poetry of Life said...

I love that you following your instincts. Bravo! If you were meant to go you would have.

Jennie said...

When we don't know why, chalk it up to obedience. Blessings always flow from obedience. You are an inspiration! -Sis.H