Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I Got Egged!!!!!!

I drove off a bit early for mutual tonight as we were at Maddie's house for a night of talking and cooking. We talked about college and what their plans are. We talked about dorm-life and dating. We talked about so many different things going on in their lives and how they worried about what it would be like to live away from home. I remember that time in my life. Although I never took the chance to go to college for long. I will go back someday on my own terms. Right now, it is not the time.

Anyway, as I got back home I found that we were egged by some unscrupulous hooligans. It seems that while I was gone and my dear hubby was resting someone got us!!! I wish I could find out who these fabulously talented people were so I could thank them. These little creatures were absolutely adorable and I appreciated the thought. Perhaps someday I will find out whose they sweethearts are, but until then I will pray for them to be heaped full of blessings. I love my new little creatures and friends. They hollowed out the eggs first and then decorated them as different animals. 2 cute!!!! Thanks eggers!!!!