Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Burnt Out...

Have you ever felt completely burnt out on life in general? I am that way right now. It is really not a big thing, but I am fairly done right now. Everything is at a stalemate until the property gets sold. We are trapped in limbo for the time being. Anyone who has sold a house before I am sure can relate, but truly I think this part of the entire transition is my least favorite...for now. After all is said and done and we are settled in then we are going to look back and more than likely think the worst part is being trapped in a car with our kids for the entire 26 hour drive down to San Antonio. Amazing how it just does not sound appealing at all, but at the same time everything will be all done and there will be no weight on our shoulders. After all of this, do you know what I am looking forward to the most? Vacation. Not the kind we have taken getting away for the weekend, but a real entire week vacation. Nothing to hurry store on our mind the entire time. It will be heaven compared to the past two years.

Until then we chug along getting the things done that we need to do. We have a lot of the unnecessary stuff packed up and brought to the garage. I think we have made a lot of headway on it all. Now, when it is time we will pack the kids' rooms which will be no problem, pack our room, again no problem and then pack up the rest of the house. I am thinking that in a couple days of good packing we could have it all done. Really, we have gotten so much done and that is a relief. Loading up shouldn't be too bad if we are able to schedule the load up for a saturday evening so we can get some help in the loading process. I can plan all I want for now, but that still won't be able to get me to where I need to be


Jan said...

As busy as you have been Tammy, it isn't surprising that you are feeling a little burnt out. You should have felt that a long time ago. You are an amazing woman. You'll get your groove back in no time. Your energy is so high.

Liz R. said...

26 hours in the car w/ anyone is hard, but think of it this way:

*at least you don't have to change a (poopy) diaper on the floor of the front seat on the side of the road and then wonder how long you're going to have to ride w/ a poopy diaper in your car.

*your kids will probably listen to music and watch movies the whole time.

*probably no one will cry or yell because they're tired of being in the car and don't understand why they have to keep driving.

*all of the food you hand back to them won't end up on the floor - or flying back into the front seat by angry kids.

*after returning to the car from a potty break/stretch you won't have to use your body weight to control the kids so you can get them back into their car seats.

i mean. . . at least i hope so ; )