Tuesday, September 9, 2008

What do Chip N Dale have in common with my popcorn machine?!

No, I did not find two chipmunks inside my popcorn machine, but while we were out wandering around I was thrilled when we found a Disney outlet store. Now, this Disney outlet is not like the other outlets you would expect. It does not clearance items from the Disney Store, but form the parks itself. So, I was thrilled to not only find a watch that I had seen at the parks that I loved...let's just say I saved a hundred dollars off the normal purchase price, but I was able to buy some of the popcorn buckets that you can buy only at Disneyland!!! They had Chip & Dale buckets for $1.29 each which also included a lid and handle. Whenever we have friends over I have their little ones wanting popcorn. I can't say no, so I usually pop up a few batches and they refill their bags throughout the night. Now I have a fun way for the kids to carry their popcorn around AND I was able to bring a bit of Disneyland into my house...I love it!!!


Jan said...

What great deal. Glad you could have a pop of a time with Chip and Dale.

Our Family said...

What time does the movie start, I'm there!

Anonymous said...

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