Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sad Hubby

I felt bad for Hubby yesterday. As some of you saw he looked incredibly sad and down. He was. We didn't talk until after he had a nice long nap, because he was very tired, but he was still down. After talking I discovered that he really was down because he was having doubts on the move. He truly thought we would have sold right now. No, I am sorry, but that is not the case. I told him that he has to have faith, it would sell, but I am sure that if it doesn't go within the next two weeks he will be incredibly down. I tried to explain to him that when we are given direction by our Father in Heaven you can rest assured that He will keep any promises made. I just pray all of the time that it will happen soon. I truly don't know how much more his sweet mind can take. I stay calm because although inside I am turning inside out wanting to get this move in gear, I can't let him see it. He has always depended on my attitude to keep him level. It wasn't until I discovered this that we really leveled out in our married life. If he is having a bad day I can pull him from it by just smiling and being cheerful. If I am having a bad day and the stress of the job has taken me over then he will have a bad day as I will drag him into it. Now since I have realized this I am very careful with my bad days. I will literally tell him that I am having a bad day and then try to keep it as upbeat as possible. He levels out from there. Isn't it funny that we are depended on by different people for different things?


TroyandJessica said...

Oh Tammy,
I'm so sorry that Don is feeling down. Sometimes when we really want something so bad it seems like to whole world is spinning20 times less than it usually does. I know this. I wanted to move to Texas the minute we got to Florida and unfortunately it took 4 years. The Lord knows our heart and desires and when he sees fit, he will see it through.
Tell him not to give up. We will keep you guys in our prayers.
Love You!

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

Tammy you have great wisdom about your relationship with your husband. I just learned this about 10 years ago but have just about perfected it now. Even though my husband is the head of our family, how I react to things makes a huge difference in how he reacts. And sometimes I must just keep my mouth shut and let him walk through it. :)
It will all work out for you guys.

Poetry of Life said...

That's so funny because Brent is the same way! Keep his spirits up. Just because things aren't happening right away, doesn't mean that it isn't meant to be!!!!

Liz R. said...

just thinking out loud. . .

someone we know felt inspired to try IVF to get pregnant again, sure that it was going to work because they felt it was the right thing.

thousands of dollars and lots of emotional investment later they didn't get pregnant.

not trying to be discouraging, and maybe this situation will open up another opportunity for the couple but sometimes there are things to learn from being faithful that are unexpected.

again, just thinking out loud. i truly do hope things work out the way you want!