Saturday, September 27, 2008

I've been egged now tagged! So....let's get started!!!!

Here are my 7 strange facts:
1. I am loud and obnoxious to most people, but when I am around people I do not know...I am very shy.

2. I truly fear rodents...although Mickey is one of my loves!!!

3. I love to write and although I have had a ton of encouragement and everyone is so sweet I truly get embarrassed when I see someone reading my book.

4. I have a fear of success

5. I hate letting people down.

6. I truly hate shopping. They make no cute clothes for larger women...I mean really. i wear size 2x and I am nearly 6 feet tall and when I want to find clothes that are a little more fashionable they are not there. Therefore apparently I have to learn to sew for myself. This is not good.

7. I am a huge homebody unless we are heading out on vacation...there is no middle ground for me. It is either home or vacation. Wandering around aimlessly seems like a waste of time for me, but hubby loves it so I compromise.

Now for my tagging....Lora, Laura, Jenni, Liz, Lynne, Red & Tami....Good luck girls!!!

1 comment:

Jan said...

We are a lot alike. Except for the writing part. I am not a writer. But you are great. I am a homebody too. I do not like to shop, but I love vacations and trips. Rodents are very scary to me too. See :)