Saturday, July 4, 2009

Zoo and Reunion!!!

yesterday we had the bright idea to go to the zoo on possibly the warmest and humid days of the year. Oh yeah! We were headed for fun!!! Now, I'm a dork and I LOVE the zoo. I love to see the animals playing and having a good time. I was grateful not to run into flatulent elephants this go around...or perhaps they're only in Oakland, quite an experience let me tell you!!! Needless to say we brought 5 bottled waters and 5 gatorades in my purse. Don worried about me lugging around that load all day, but I told him I had it covered. I was grateful I was able to lug them around for the entire 30 minutes before everyone drank every ounce of fluid carried in my purse. We were well was great. We had a good time with cousins and my brother-in-law wandering around. We were getting close to the end...and that's when it happened. The sign:

I hope you all can read the words, but what made me laugh was the "Get Wild! Get Dirty! but don't get naked!" Really!!! Do we need a sign for this? tell me truly!?

Afterwards I was talking to my friend from high school. Bobby and I haven't seen each other for over 2 decades. in fact, Hubby talked to Bobby more in high school than he talked to me. It was great fun to have those anxieties as we drove towards his house. I felt bad as I read the directions he had to text to my phone....they were very detailed. His fingers must've been cramped by the time he was finished. Needless to say we arrived and my family climbed out of the car. He graciously had invited us to dinner, refusing to let us bring anything but some soda and paper plates. I've got to admit...the man knows how to BBQ!!! I guess it is a rule in Texas...Learn to BBQ or get out. We'll see. Anyway, after the awkward phase of my three kids staring at his three boys...they're all the same ages. He forced them to play Foosball to break the ice. Next thign we know they are playing video games and Bryan is enjoying his guy time. Dinner had been finished and I was excited that Bobby's girlfriend was able to make it. She is a sweetheart and they make a great couple. I hope things work out for them, but for now, they are taking it slow. it is really awesome to see him so happy.

before overstaying our welcome we said our good-byes and Bobby mentioned to Don to get his number from me so they could get together and do guy things...and I am swiss cheese apparently. It was great to see everyone getting along so well. I was grateful for both Bobby and his girlfriend who found some job openings in the business office of their work and Bobby is going to turn in my resume on monday. Cross your fingers.

It looks like life is leveling out here. Our belongings should be arriving on monday and we will start hauling things over here then. We'll more than likely have to get help from someone to bring the rest of our things over wednesday evening. Then the unpacking begins. I am praying and hoping we can get settled in and a job will fall into place. Everything else seems to.

Yes my friends, there is a ray of sunshine breaking through the clouds that have hung over me for some time. I recognize that. Don is applying for a lead position with Target and I pray he gets that position so his hours will be boosted and he will begin to really take the lead in his life. He loves his job for now and I know if given the chance he will thrive. If it is meant to be it will happen. until then we pray, we hope for the best and we remain grateful for what we do have.

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Unknown said...

It is so clear to me...way over yonder...that you seem to have your spring back in your step.
I have to say...I am envious of your adventures!!! I know it sounds crazy or that I don't appreciate the refiner's fire you've had...but I do!
♥ Jen