Saturday, July 25, 2009

Things NOT to do during interviews...

So, as I've been going through interviews over the past few weeks I've discovered a few "No-No's" I'd like to share with you.

#1 NEVER show up to an interview wearing a t-shirt that reads:

"Better than sex...Tex-Mex", I'm not joking!

#2 Never eat a sour mint right before you interview. Your mouth will be watering and you will inevitably be spitting upon the interviewer...they don't like that.

#3 Never sit in the lobby chomping down the last of your Egg McMuffin before you go in for an interview...unless of course you are interviewing for the same job I am. In that case, go right ahead.

#4When asked the question: Do you have any convictions for felonies or manslaughter don't laugh and say...."well, no convictions, but there were a few I've dated I would've liked to kill."

#5 When asked "why" you want to go into food service try not to snort. They frown upon that. But really...who WANTS to go into food service?! Unless they are a classically trained chef who works in a reataurant...not a hospital!!!

#6 Never refuse to leave the office until they hire you...they WILL call the police.

No, I didn't do all of those, but there are a couple I may fess up to in the years to come. We shall see!

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