Sunday, July 12, 2009



When you think you hit rock're not quite there yet!!!

As I posted earlier the transmission went out on our car and was towed to beautiful CarMax who is taking a look at it for us. Tomorrow, once they diagnose it we will find out exactly what is wrong with it. My sweet brother-in-law leant us one of their cars until we received a loaner from the dealership.

Today I awoke early and when I did I dove into my scriptures reading my Sunday School lesson. Why?! I never do that. So, why this time? I would need it!!! We got dressed and ready for church and walked outside...and no car.


We live in a gated community!!! There is a gate that controls who is in here and who isn't!!! Hubby got home at about 12:30am from work and parked the car. 10 hours car. Huh-What?!

It seems it was towed...for not having a parking permit sticker on it. Guess what?! We didn't get the car until after the office was closed!!! What were we supposed to do?!

So, we opened our wallets and emptied them for funds to pay the towing company who apparently patrols the complex in the early morning hours. FABULOUS!!!!! Needless to say I am none too thrilled. With one job in the family that had cut hours and no paycheck until Friday...this was incredibly not funny at all.

Thankfully my good friend had time to come over and pick up hubby to take him to the tow yard and then came over for lunch afterwards. I made some homemade taquitos with extra roast I'd turned into taco meat. He was so amazed I actually knew how to make my own flour tortillas I made him a couple dozen for thanks in his help.

So, today I pray and repent for not making it to church and also thanks for us having the money to retrieve the vehicle. I am also thankful for the extra hours hubby has received and prayt a new job is on the horizon for me very soon. For I am now tired of trials and would really like to get my life back on the uphill slope!!!


Leslie said...

Wow! You're right about rock bottom...hopefully this will be it. Good Luck getting your car fixed. Hey, you need to post your new address in a email on tracyladies or even just to me! :)

Cynthia said...

I declared 'dog pile trial' for you awhile back but man, I sure didn't expect for more to keep piling on. I'm so sorry for your added stress but thankful that you were blessed (even if it was just barely) with the resources required to handle the problem.

Jen said...

I thought this test period was over for you guys! Keep...chin...up!
♥ ya! Jen

Momza said...

Oh I am so sorry. You're so great to look for the good too though.
As crummy as things are, there also seem to be an inexhaustible amount of people in your life that step up and help out.
That is a blessing.
I hope so much things turn around and all of this is left in the dust.