Monday, July 20, 2009

40 years...

Today, is a special day I quietly celebrate each year. It puts a smile on my face to think about it...the moon landing. I know, I doesn't make sense. Oh but it does! You see, it all goes back over a half of a century ago now when a young mother needed to go and find employment to help feed her growing family. Having little education, she sought out a simple job and found a company hiring solderers. Not...not soldiers...but solderers. You know, joining to metals together at a high heat? It wasn't rocket science...or at least it didn't start out that way.

Delores stood in an assembly line soldering small circuits as the boards passed by. It was mind numbingly boring work, but it was also a job that brought in a decent wage for what was expected.

Approximately 45 years ago Delores and two other women were escorted to the office. Her mind raced trying to figure out just what trouble she'd gotten into. Nothing came to mind. Her supervisor told them women they were the best of the best and they were requested for another job, a very delicate one that needed their skills.

Out of relief, all three agreed to the new job. With the extra detail to work the pay would also increase making their time more valuable. They began right away.

Their new work setting seemed much different than the assembly line. This time it was a sanitized laboratory they worked in and the sturdy boards were replaced with paper thin boards they soldered. Instead of being left to their own work the three were closely monitored. If they showed any sign of needing a break they were called from the room and given a break. The stress in this situation was high. Just as high as 40 years ago when the moon landing occurred. Delores hid in the her bedroom, afraid to watch the television when the landing happened. It was only when she heard the cheering that she emerged to celebrate with everyone else. It was a day to be celebrated for many decades to come.

You see, Delores, the woman with little more than a seventh grade education, made history that day. It wasn't her footstep on the moon, but because of her that footstep was there. She, along with her co-workers, soldered all the circuit boards in the moon lander.

Where are they now. I don't know where the other women are, but as for Delores, she sits in a home being well taken care of, lost in the dementia that rules her mind. Today. On the television there will be celebrations for that first landing. But, at my house, we will celebrate Delores, her co-workers and all those who had a hand in creating the miracle we celebrate this day. Thanks Grandma!!!


Year of no Fear said...

I loved this story! Well told. Thanks Delores!

Ninny said...

Wow Tammy! That is a wonderful story. What a great legacy that you have. Enjoy your celebrating!