Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My New Town..

A friend was asking me what San Antonio was like. Was it spread out like San Jose? Or was it compact like San Francisco? The answer? Yes!!! The town is actually a little bit of both. There are palces where the large downtown buildings tower over the rest of the city, while having the Alamo nestled in bewteen all of them. no...I am not kidding. The Alamo is downtown. I used to picture it far off in a distant field. The battles I read about in my American History books flooded back to me. The truth? It was tiny...a few of your homes could probably encompass the entire main building. Much different from the films portrayal.

Anyway, nearby the Alamo in the downtown area is the incredibly lovely Riverwalk area. I look forward to date nights in this romantic spot. The Riverwalk lined with incredibly yummy cafes and restaurants. I am dying to spend an evening down there just my hubby and I wandering hand in hand. And by the way, in case you ever wondered...after being away from each other for over two months...our hands remembered exactly how they liked to be held. We have a certain way our hands clasp and I love it. It reminded me of our dating.

Away from the downtown area San Antonio was laid out by a brilliant planner. Green areas are spread all throughout the city with old oak trees dotting the land. It is beautiful and they've welcomed me most wholeheartedly. Truth be told there are many rolling hills. This large metropolitan city has not only managed to grow beyond its walls, but to keep the small town feel. To give you an example...after passing a piece of property over ten times I finally realized it was a cemetary. Natural rocks are handcrafted from the ground to be used in building everything. The highways leading to San Anotnio even took on the light creamy color of the natural rock.

Yes, it is hot here. Yes, climbing three flights of stairs to bring your groceries upstairs is not always pleasant, but I wouldn't miss it for the world. I love that my kids are excited to see Sea World looming in the distance, roller coasters and all. I love the fact we live a mere ten miles from Six Flags amusement park. I love the fact that across the street from our complex is a beautiful new Elementary School. I love the fact that on a billboard today I read: "Do you want to teach? We want you to!!!" And then proceeded with a web address for the city recruiting high quality teachers for the children.

The only thing about this city is something that made me literally sick to my stomach. I went shopping the first day we arrived to pick up some essentials for the kitchen as well as the bathroom. What happened made me angry and sickened all at once. Here's the story:
We drove into Target wanting to not only see where hubby worked but to buy a few items I needed for the house. We bought a few necessary items and then turned our attention to body wash. Hubby's skin has been drier than dry since we moved from oregon to California. Now that we are don't need it as much. however, he still likes the body wash and therefore asked if we could buy it. Normally this item costs at its lowest price about $8.99. At Target down here at the "normal" price...$2.50. So, why is it cheaper here rather than California. All this time we were being gouged and overcharged. My dear is truly sad!!!. I paid for dollars for a package of ground beef....a 2 pound package!!!! I love shopping here and spending much less money than I used to.

So? My assessment on San Antonio? I love it here. I love the feel of the big city. I lvoe the people and I am going to love it much more once i get a job...I'm working on it!!!I look forward to showing off my city to anyone who chooses to wander this way!!! you're all welcome, but you have to climb the stairs to the third floor!!!

M favorite thing about San niece and nephews live here. I love being near them!!!


Momza said...

:::APPLAUSE::: Great Guide! Great Attitude! Great Assessment! Woohoo!

Ninny said...

You sound like you are enjoying the wonders. Hooray.
I love that you said that about holding hand with your dh. Me and mine have a special way that we hold hands as well. Something so natural that we can't help but think we have held hands like that before this life.
I am so happy for you and your happiness!

Jen said...

Okay...first off, I LOVE making it onto your blog!
second, it just really hit me that you are gone, that that is your home, and that you are not just on a vacation and will not be down the street and around the corner.
third, it is so gorgeous there and I really want to come stroll along the river area.
I am so happy that you are feeling good about being there. Great for the lower cost of living too, BONUS!
♥ Jen

Poetry of Life said...

You sound so at peace. I'm so glad that you are finally with hubby again and can look to the future. It sounds like things are really looking up for you. I love reading your day to day and will continue to check up on you!

H.K. said...

Wow, I can't believe the difference of prices! I'm so glad that you love your new town and that your near family. If I ever go to San Antonio, I'll look you up!

Freyja Colborn said...

I am so happy that you guys are quickly settling in there. The price thing makes me a bit sick as well especially since i still have to pay those prices and now i know there is definately a better deal out there. Oh well.
I am truly happy for you guys and can't wait to hear how everyone continues to do.