Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Full Day...

A pillow, this is where I wanted to put my head all day. I was exahsuted. It seemed we needed to run back and forth from one thing to another with only enough of a break to make it annoying.

First we registered Corinna for school. Sigh!! My daughter is a freshman. Sounds crazy to me!!! She's too little to go toschool. Ok! I know she is taller than me in heels! But she is my baby!!!!!! Ok!! Enough temper tantums!!! Go Marshall!!!! Can I just tell you I had NOOOOOO idea just how important football was to Texas in general. Our schol district has their own stadium for the kids to play in...literally a stadium!!!! Looks like our friday nights will be booked for awhile!!!

Once we got home...and climbed our now favorite three flights to get there...our other kids told us the car was finished and we could go pick it up anytime. Down the stairs we went. We drove off to favorite place to buy a car for sure!!! There in the parking lot...gleaming under the summer sun was Casper. I'd missed him. Not that I didn't appreciate the loaner of a 2008 Suzuki Vittara, wasn't Casper. He drive beautifully and I want to truly thank CarMax for honoring our limited warranty with no hassle, calling us everyday to give us the update on the car, checking back after the weekend to see how we were doing and ask if there was anything they could do to help us and providing a loaner car free of charge. We will be back to you!!!

Again we returned home about ready to pass out from the craziness already. It was lunch time. I ahd enough energy to make peanut butter toast and then I collapsed into my chair. We waited another hour and ran to another errand, returned home and within about ten minutes I realized I had no time to make dinner before hubby had to leave for work. He squeezed my hand and told me no worries. He promptly ate the leftover spaghetti and got ready for work.

Molly and I took Don to work and attempted to get home at a reasonable hour. Now this is a round trip that can easily be made in 4 minutes...2 hours later we walked through the front door of the apartment. Ugh!!! I was exhausted and ready for bed...Oh wait! I still had to pick hubby up. He called to let me know they managers were planning for them to be out at 10pm. I left here at 9:45 and headed over. At 10:05 I arrived in the parking lot...Nobody was there, but the cars were. Obviously the 10 o'clock exit was not going to happen. I always have a notebook in my purse to write with so I began working on some writing, in a deserted Target parking lot, sipping on my Dr. Pepper, while watching two stray cats searching for a way in to shop Target after hours...must've been out of kitty litter.

Finally at 11:00pm they all exited the building and off we sped home. Arriving at the top of the stairs, which in case you are wondering, my behind is looking better and better after all that climbing, we amde it home at 11:20pm and I dove into bed and drifted off to sleep immediately.

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