Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Birthday America!!!

Our 4th of July started a little different than most. Hubby and I woke up early and got him ready for work. He had an early shift. On my drive home I decided to take a road less traveled. It was my time to explore. I drove down the road of where we were looking at apartments before choosing the one we did. All I had seen of this area was a map. s I drove past this beautiful area in the quiet of the morning hours I wandered down this road I knew would take me back to the highway I needed to be on. I also knew a little secret....the temple was located on this street. As I drove over the rolling hills...Did you know they had rolling hills in Texas? I didn't, but onto the story!!! As I drove over the rolling hill directly in front of me stood the temple aglow in the morning sun. it was glorious to see. I didn't stop, but as I was passing I had to turn the radio off...and to stare at the incredible stained glass windows. The temple reminded me of the beauty all around, my family, which is most important in my life. I am grateful for the little things, the simple things which matter most....a smile, a morning hug, a wink and even my tiny little kitchen that I will stand in this afternoon to begin cooking our meal for the evening. It's not about what you've got, but who and how you share your lives. What a beautiful life!!!

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CB said...

I did know Texas has rolling hills. So fun!

I bet that Temple is just beautiful and what a treat to drive down a peaceful road and see it up ahead. I can just picture it.

You nailed it! It is NOT about what you've got but those you love!