Saturday, July 11, 2009

Perfection in the Rain

All was quiet here in our little corner of heaven. My life was nearly perfect...all I needed was a job...Now I need a working car!!! Yes, I gave you the quick version. My limited warranty ends tomorrow. They promised not to split hairs on the warranty with the transmission. I pray they can fix it easily and with no cost as there is no money!!! Hubby picked up an extra shift of which I am thankful. I pray he can continue to pick up more and more hours until he reaches 40 a week again. I myself enjoyed the week. the interviews were nice. No I wasn't perfect, but who is!!!

Tonight however began to pour. Buckets and buckets of moisture rained down from the heavens coating the ground instantly. I grabbed my kids and brought the downstairs and taught them the greatest pleasure in life...dancing in the rain. I lvoed it and they were laughing and smiling. For a world was perfect.


Cynthia said...

I'm also a 'dance in the rain' kind of Mama. I'm so glad that even in the hard part of the trials you are still able to find joy in the little things. THAT is the lesson you are teaching them right now- that joy always exists even when times are darkest if we just embrace it.

You're a great Mom and a great person. The employer that snags you will be lucky!

Poetry of Life said...

How nice. I've never really had that pleasure because we don't get much warm rain. I'm sure they enjoyed it.