Monday, July 27, 2009

Nothing Like I Had Expected...

TOday was meant to be an easy day...Wake breakfast...job interview...come home...give car to hubby for work and prepare for my next interview tomorrow morning. Little did I know it was destined to be a crazy day. I've logged 100 miles since the beginning of the day...and it's not over!!!

I drove over to the interview...just 17-18 miles from my home so 25 minutes later I found my way. I walked in and found the people working there to be very sweet and charming...I've got my work cut out for me. I managed through the interview and enjoyed myself. Next thing I know, the hour interview had now turned into 90 minutes. I left the building clutching a form to be delivered to a lab for the world famous drug test. Could it be? Have I found my place in ther world? I sure hope so!!! I had the opportunity to sit behind Gilbert and listen to a few calls coming in. He was a sweetheart and as I left I thanked him for the view of the work. To which he replied: "No problem, see you in here soon, sweetie!" I tell you these folks are all friendly. It wasn't the call after call I was used to as a 411 operator, but it is going to be fun!!!

So, the bad things about the job: The hours are going to completely stink for least until I earn my way into the top performance group...which I fully intend to do as quickly as possible. The hours include weekends, holidays nights, morning and yes...afternoons too!!! Shocker!!!

The good things about the job: After 90 days with the permission of the manager can transition into working out of my home. Oh yeah baby!!!! I am excited. they supply the equipment (computer included) and I supply the internet and dedicated phone line. I can deal with it!!! I am pretty excited about it. I love knowing discounts on hotel stays are given as well!!! Discounted Marriott?!?!?! SUH-WEET!!!! I love the fact I will be here when my children arrive home from school. I love the fact that I don't need a bus pass or the car on certain days of work. I love the fact that I get to play on the computer all day, talking and booking hotel rooms. I know...I'm a travel nerd, but I love it!!! I love the fact that I can work my way up in the company.

Life is good my is good!!!

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