Thursday, July 16, 2009


This morning I was thrilled to have a bite of toast before jumping onto the web searching for a job...any job to occupy my mind...because I am going stir crazy here. I hate sitting around with nothing to do but stare at the four walls...besides, Don's hours were cut to 3 lovely days!!! Are you kidding me?! Yup! And after surviving the "car" incident...some of which you never knew. Here's the short version:

transmission out on last day of "limited warranty"
would they cover it?
Tow company comes and picks up car.
Bye bye Casper!!!!
Brother-in-law offers use of car until we get loaner
We walk out to go to church Sunday car
Not kidding!!!
Found out car towed because it was parked in resident parking and we didn't have a tag on his car.
$264 later car is retrieved from car jail
Not kidding.
Car Max declares they will pay for fixing the car!
Parade begins!!!
Go to pick up loaner car.
Found out my insurance was canceled after I paid several months ahead in cash!!!
Parade Ends!!!
No...unfortunately still not kidding!!!
Bought new insurance....lovely woman helped out!!! we love you Rose!!!
picked up loaner car...thank you Car Max!!!
Waiting patiently to hear about my patient.
Why did it have to be Casper?!?!?
Manuel calls to let me know the entire transmission is toast...I like toast!!!
Car Max is covering car with 1 year full warranty on transmission with unlimited mileage.
A Toast to CarMax!!!!

We are hoping to find my car will be returned tomorrow evening all better. I miss my Casper...yes...the car is white.

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H.K. said...

OMG!!! When it rained it poured, at least some of the car issues were resolved!