Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Prayers Work...

As I typed in the title I simply typed in prayer and then I realized my mistake and quickly maneuvered to add in an "s". One thing I've learned is that in times of need we pray harder, longer and more often. So, my question is: "Why don't we do this when we aren't going through a trial?" For me in my laziness. I am not a scriptorian. I simply can't remember where each verse is located in the Scriptures. I remember the stories, the feelings I get when i read about them and imagine what it must've been like to actually be there. How it applies to me in my life. I am an old pro at that.

Recently...since we arrived here in beautiful Texas, hubby's hours were drastically cut. And when I say drastically...I mean it. He went from 26 hours a week...to 10. I was frustrated beyond all belief. I mean really, how far can this trial go? So, we prayed. We prayed over and over again for more hours. We prayed for rain to ease the land from its drought. We prayed for me to find a job. We prayed to understand the scriptures we read. I prayed for my car's transmission to be covered. But, most of all...I prayed for serenity and understanding. It's not easy to get that understanding when you are standing in the refiners fire. It always seems to be when you look back when you understand more. As the flames lick all around me I can feel it...the prayers. I feel prayers from so many directions coming. I feel the love of my friend in Scotland as she diligently calls the temple every week to place my name on the prayer roll. I feel the love from Idaho where another friend prays for my strength while she is struggling herself through much harder trials. I feel the support and prayers from my family, my friends, my church leaders, my new ward, my old ward. I feel the love of my Savior raining down on me.

And yesterday it all became too much and I lost it. Well, let's just say I got quizzical looks from my hubby and kids as I received a call that made me want to dance...and I did. My family came over to visit and with nephews and my niece running around the house it made me smile. Earlier before they arrived I received a phone call from a local hospital...St Luke's Baptist Hospital (and you were wondering how I was going to tie in Baptists at our BBQ in with this entry!!!). I applied there are a food service worker in the cafeteria. I would much prefer to do other things, but right now I need a starting point...and this is it. It will be income coming into our home and help in sustaining life a bit. It is less than 2 miles from my home....which eventually I plan to walk as I am able to get into better shape as time goes on, an of course as I get used to the heat here. This is a foot in the door so to say. Eventually I can work my way into Queen of the cafeteria...food services supervisors sounds so blah! Actually, there are so many other positions I would like to slide into at the hospital that at least this will get my foot in the door and I can have a good start in all of this. i am really looking forward to my interview and even more forward to hopefully coming home with a job.

As for hubby's hours...he received a call yesterday. He went from 13 hours next week to 32 hours. Yes, several prayers of thanks were offered. so, today while you are rushing around, chasing your little ones, blogging, checking your facebook and e-mail, do me a favor? Don't forget to address your "knee mail?" I know someone pretty special who wants to hear from you.


Momza said...

Oh how i needed this today. Your testimony speaks to my heart. Bless you!!

Jen said...

Mark and I were just having this conversation with Emma on Sunday!!! We get lazy when life is good and draw close to Him when it isn't. But you know what...He doesn't care. He is just happy we are drawing close! Thanks for the reminder, I totally agree!
When was the last time you received a blessing? I got one before I left for camp and I know it made all the difference in the world!
Love ya!