Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Doin' the Pigeon....

Bert ALWAYS made me laugh when I was kid...as a child I remember dancing and "Doin' the Pigeon" moves with him as he sang. As an adult I confess...I had the song as a ringtone...just for fun factor, of course!!! Well, now my life has come full circle. As we moved into the aparments I noticed the pigeons hanging around the roof near our apartment. Didn't think any more about it...until the next morning. Bright and early at 7am each and every morning I am awakened to the sound of pigeons cooing and walking along my ceiling. SOmehow they've broken into the ceiling. Yes, I've reported it to management, but as of yet they have little or no desire to fix it. As long as I don't get a pigeon popping it's head into my room then we're all good. They don't bother me...in fact...it makes me laugh. Seriously, how many people own a pigeon alarm clock?!


Relief Society said...
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Jen said...

Way to look on the bright side!
(The above was me using the wrong account)
♥ Jen