Monday, July 27, 2009

As American as Baseball and Apple Pie...

As I was sitting at the computer the other day I listened as Rickey Henderson's acceptance speech replayed on ESPN. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame. Ok! So let me put in easy understanding for those of you who aren't ginormous sports fans like myself. Rickey henderson was a "Slammin'" player for the Oakland A's. He did a great job...therefore Hall of Fame.

My family has a strong background of spending days, evenings, and some go late at times... together in Jack Murphy Stadium. It was magical. Climbing into our seats and settling in for a fun evening with treats such as salted peanuts and the forever fave of mine...cotton candy. It was a time where we could cheer, scream and yell at the umps...all very respectful of course!

As I listened to Rickey's heartfelt speech I was brought back to my teen years when he played for Oakland. We of course had attended a few agmes there, but it was never the same as watching the Padres with my grandpa. Something special about it. My thoughts drifted back and I remembered a little girl. She sat in the outfield, if I remember right...and she always had a sign for him. Anything to cheer him on. They grew and had a bond. It was really great to see. When he was awarded a base as an award she presented it to him. Heartborken when he was traded to another team she begged with a letter to the newspaper for him to come back. This was the last I thought of this girl until the moment I heard him speak.

I thought to myself: "I wonder what happened to that little girl."


I'd forgotten that I knew her family and that is why I knew the story so well. Cooperstown is so far away. She is now grown and has a family of her own...and yes....she was there with her signs!!!

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Cynthia said...

What a touching story- even for someone like me who doesn't follow baseball at all. It says a lot about what kind of guy he is.