Thursday, July 2, 2009

Butt Dialing and Chairs

Running errands for the second day in a row I laughed as I found I had spent most of the day "butt dialing" I called various companies such as American Express, the local grocery store, the electric company as well as the cable. The worst was when I called a friend. It wasn't just any friend...the one who lives here in San Antonio. Can we say EMBARRASSING?!?! Apparently I called him as I climbed back into the car after running into the store to purchase a couple gallons of milk. he heard our family's entire conversation on know, the plastic piece at the end of the shoelace allowing you to easily lace up your shoes? I know!!! Who knows that?!?!? My family...sigh. We also know the name of the raised dots in the center of lanes on the road. now you know the extent of my insanity. Needless to say I ad a good conversation with my friend who has been a MAJOR support during this difficult time. He is probably one of the best friends I've ever had. He never asked for anything but friendship. 20 years later we meet up again after losing contact for a good portion of that time. Tomorrow we go to the zoo with the kids and Don's brother and his family. we will never top the moment when we attended the Oakland Zoo only to find the elephants had gas issues...if you've never been around a flatulant've never laughed!!! Afterwards we will make the trek out to his house and sit down and catch up on the good ol' days. neither my friend nor hubby have an easy time making friends, but I have a feeling they will be the best of friends in no time. We did actually all go to high school together, though Bobby talked to my hubby more than I did during those years. I'm kind of nervous to see my friend. You know we all change, but I hate seeing peple who used to know me as the skinny person in the school. He laughs it off, but we all have insecurities and by the time we walk through his front door all will be forgotten.

We also had to give in and buy a few chairs. I can't sit on the floor typing any longer. The good news is that by next Wednesday I will finally have my bed and things back and hopefully be unpacking all evening. I miss my things and not the normal ones. I miss my tiki, our framed American flag our nephew flew over Iraq on Sept 11th several years ago, my handpainted mexican pot, my ginormous popcorn popper (i'm dying for popcorn right now!), my zulu basket and my picture of mygrandfather and I waltzing around the dance floor at my uncle's wedding while everyone watched. All hold treasured memories. I am happy to say I managed to get another treasured item here safely my oil and vinegar bottles I carried home from Italy on the airplane. It too has made it safely home. For now though...We have chairs to sit in our living room. No longer confined to the floor my back cries out in happiness!!! i will drag my camera with me to the zoo and my friend's home to capture our kids meeting for the first time and us back together again...Look out San Antonio!!!


Momza said...

Thank you for your very kind comments on my lil blog today. I appreciate that you took the time to cheer me up when you are in the midst of your own challenges. That really means alot to me, sister.
So thank you. And have fun at the Zoo--I've been there and it's really nice.

Cynthia said...

Butt dialing! Just the name makes me giggle.

I think we are all alotted just a few friends whom we can keep for a lifetime- even if we lose track for awhile you can always pick up where you left off with those types of friends. I'm glad you have that kind of friend right now for your family.

I'd LOVE to experience elephant flatulance! Hilarious!

I like the tone of your post- reading between the lines it feels like hope is on the horizon for you! I know you aren't there yet but it seems like it just might be in sight.

CB said...

Butt dialing! OK that made me giggle so hard along with your picture at the top of your post!
I have had friend or two accidentally butt dial me and it is hilarious to hear the conversation!!
That is neat that you found an old friend that you want to hang out with. You guys will have a great time!
I just brought home oil and vinegar bottles from Italy!! Twinners!!!
I also love your San Antonio pictures below. We had the chance to visit there a few years ago and the riverwalk is a fun and beautiful part of the city!!!

Have fun buying chairs - all butt dialers need chairs!!

CB said...

P.S. Are you from Northern CA? I was born and raised in San Jose!!