Friday, July 17, 2009

Huh!! What?!?!?

I wish I could post a picture of this fabulous woman I met yesterday. I could've kissed her!!! Hubby and I woke up early, with a purpose. We were taking on the Social Security Department. During the move we'd lost both his and Corinna's social security cards...I know...they will more than likely show up once we have the new ones. Needless to say, we needed them. Don needed his to get his driver's license and Corinna needed hers to register for school.

Of course, nothing is ever as easy as it seems!!! We needed Corinna's birth certificate as well...again...lost. So we ordered her birth certificate and waited ebcause I was SURE I needed a certified copy to work as proof of her identity. Aparently not so!

After waiting for my number to be was a long 10 minutes...if that!!! And I walked up to the window. I handed the man her birth certificate as well as my passport, social ceurity card and my birth certificate. To which he rudely explained.

"Ma'am, if you'd have taken the time to READ the signs posted on this wall it would explain that we do not accept birth certificates as proof of identity. WHAT?! Instead you need to bring your daughter's student ID with a picture on it or a report card, medical id card with a picture or any of these items here. He hands me a paper and screams for his next customer.

After wiping the "Are you serious?!" look off my face hubby went up and was able to order his no problem.

We called Corinna asking her to gather whatever items she could and she tore apart her room trying to find everything we asked for. We arrived back at the apartment and she climbed into the car and we started off again for the office.

Again, we take a number and wait...for awhile as the room begins to fill. Workers from the back area are now helping customers in front. A sweet woman named Maya calls us back and we hand her Corinna's report card.

She asks us for more proof...we hand her Corinna's expired id card. Not enough

We offer the certified birth certificate...not acceptable.

We hand her a immunization know, the type we fill in on our own to keep track of their shots? Also on the unacceptable list...yet she takes it. With a wink she knows we are telling the truth and accepts it. THANK YOU MAYA!!!!!!

So, here's my question...What is wrong with a branch of government when they won't accept another branch of government's certified copy with a seal on it? Why instead do they accept report cards, student id's, and immunization records that could easily be forged. They also would accept medical id cards and other ids, but really...does our healthcare providers truly check all of our id's and everything when we are enrolled?! I really think there is something wrong with our system folks.

Maybe I am getting too nit picky, but this is crazy to me? So tell I over the edge on this one?!


Momza said...

Okay here's my 2 cents:
Having lived in Texas before I know there are tons of illegal immigrants there and false birth certificates are easy to come it's where you live.
My dd just got her license last week and she had to have 4 things:
Birth Cert./Passport, SS card, and a piece of mail with her name/address on it, and a picture ID.

So I suspect it's where you live that makes the difference.

Tammy said...

No, I'm sure it is just about everywhere the same. Since 9/11 all government agencies are cracking down on the items needed for receiving Social Security cards and even passports. On the most part the people here in Texas are a beautiful group. Of course, no matter where you live there are beautiful people...I just was especially thankful for Maya and her understanding.