Thursday, July 23, 2009

Update on Job Hunt...2009!!!

The title sounds so it should be on the news or something. Winter Blizzard 2009!!! Ah whatever...anyway. I made it through the first interview at the imaging call center. that one really sounds amazing. I think it will be my first grown up job if I get hired. The food services...well, let's just say I may not get that position. You see, I am the type of person who opens their mouth and inserts foot and perhaps my sense of humor is lacking at some point, you see...there is no mute button on my mouth as many can testify. I say what I think sometimes before I have time to stop myself. We were laughing and having a great interview and they you have a criminal record? Then they apologized telling me they HAD to ask it. Well then...if they were embarrassed for asking me I'd give them something good to laugh about. My answer: "Well, I've thought about killing a few of the guys I've dated, but never followed through." Uh...yeah! So, I' fairly certain I'm not getting THAT job, but whatever!!! I enjoyed it. It was funny to me.

My next job is quickly turning into my favorite. Marriott hotels. For those who know me I am addicted to travel. I love travel. I love the entire thought of it!!! Planning, Reserving, Packing, Going, Taking tons of pictures, Coming home and day dreaming of my next trip. So...the thought of working for Marriott taking calls and making reservations for the company sounds appealing to me. The hours...well, that would be a work in progress for sure. However, they are hiring a large group to start training immediately. Once the 5 week training period is over we will move on to answering calls and handling reservations. The job is a 7 day a week kind of job. Not a Monday through Friday job. So, that is not so swift. However, here is the big part of it all...the part I love. Well, not really "love." Maybe instead it is more like "LOVE!!!!!" At 90 days after manager review they encourage us to work from our homes. Yes, people! That's what I am saying!!! I'd be weaing my pajamas to work!!! Oh yeah baby!!! Not feeling so well?! No problem!!! Stay in pajamas and shower after my shift. No, I would still be required to work the shift they gave me, but in the end I wouldn't need a car, gas, waste away in traffic. I would SOOOOO love it!!! And the best part...I am home with my kids and I know they are safe. the hotel discounts are sweet too!!!!


Cherie said...

That last job sounds super sweet! Good luck!!

Cynthia said...

It feels like a game show! "What's behind door #1" or "Do you want to bid on Showcase A or Showcase B?" Can't wait to see what happens!

Jen said...

♥ Jen