Tuesday, December 18, 2007

When it rains it pours!!!

Well, somehow it seems to be our turn in experiencing hardships. It's all right. I can deal with it. I bought a new car and we had the financing all set up. Apparently the company that we went through has a loophole that they cannot lend to people who have just bought their own business and haven't owned it for two years or more. I am feeling like my head is banging into a wall. I do have to say that the people at Tracy Jeep have really gone to bat and have been quite gracious through this entire process. I am frustrated but they have really been patient and are helping me beyond all belief. I truly appreciate their efforts in re-doing the financing. I HATE buying cars and now you know why!!!

Apparently though that was not quite enough to send me off kilter, but my darling children playing ball in the house have cracked a window...easily replaceable so again no reason to get too upset. So, since I didn't get too upset about that our water pump has gone out on us. Bless his sweet heart, poor Don was in the shower washing his hair when the water stopped. poor guy. I did help out and brought a pan of warm water compliments of our dear friends at Alhambra to wash his hair out. So, again people are on their way to fix that. no reason to get upset. We just deal with it and move on. perhaps the dogs got into our well house and tore the wiring out. We have no idea, but we do know that whatever happens money will be the outcome of this one. I also have been dealing with a cold that had taken my voice away much to my children and husband's happiness, but it has come back so they are no longer laughing.

Well friends...I am sorry, but I had to whine a bit and now I can just let it go and "Git R Done!"

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