Sunday, December 16, 2007

Holiday Blahs

Does anyone have a recipe to get rid of the holiday blahs. I am dead serious too. I guess having a cold and dealing with the store it has set me into the holiday blahs and I am none too thrilled about it but what can i do?!It also may have something to do with my cold which has taken my voice away causing me to sing like Peter Brady going through puberty. Not a thrilling sound let me tell you!!! Anyway, I am just blah like. Tomorrow I go and finish up the final gift cards of my Christmas shopping and then I will go home and work on getting the house cleaned up again. We shall see what happens. until then i will try and be cheery and bright, but I think my bulb has burnt out!!!!

1 comment:

lynne said...

You clearly need a little Will Ferrell in your life... I might be forced to strap you down and make you watch "Elf" five times in a row. That ought to do the trick.