Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Utterly and completely frustrated!!!

I tell you, I held myself through the little problems with getting a new window installed because my darling daughter was playing golf in the house with a bouncy ball. I didn't blink an eye when the repairs for the well pump and it turned out to just be a short. I really handled myself well. Unfortunately, I lost it today when I found out that over a month after agreeing to fund us for the purchase of our new car Capital One decided that we were unworthy of their financial services because we just bought a store and cannot prove that we have been self employed for more than two years. I am so frustrated so it looks like my favorite little Jeep will need to go bye bye tomorrow night...unless a miracle happens. I feel calm in my heart, but I feel like I have been kicked while I was down. I do have some people working on it and are destined to share the fate of my dear little car tomorrow afternoon. I am just so frustrated. I know that they need proof of income, but I feel like some homeless person trying to get a handout. Perhaps I should try to raise funds that way!!! Just kidding. I just feel like I am in a tailspin and of course it comes at a time when I am the most over worked. Of course the overall feeling is that I am calm and I trust in that. I know whatever is happening I was meant to go through. It's not a problem. I will go through this and do my best to learn what I am supposed to learn. It seems that there are so many more things to worry about and this should not be one of them. We shall see what happens though. i will update when I figure out what is happening. Wish me luck!!!

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