Friday, December 7, 2007

TIme Out

OK! So, I went out for a Relief Society thing. I have had a problem wanting to do anything with Relief Society since my last ward. I had such a horrible experience in the RS presidency that I had no desire ever to go back to RS and even church for that matter. It was amazing to me that one woman could poison my heart on something that should wonderful to me. I have figured out why I feel that way and acknowledged it, but I am still left with that blah feeling. I also have a difficult time in group situations because #1 I feel like a complete and total social dork. I don't feel confident like most of the women in our ward when it comes to social situations. And then there is good ol' #2 In group situations I have a tough time hearing when there is a lot of background noise. Yes, I should truly go and get my hearing checked, but quite honestly I am only 36 years old. I don't want to think that i need a hearing aid yet!!!!

Anyway, I made a plan to attend with a friend. I know myself. I will plan on going until the very last minute and then just decide to call it off. This time I couldn't call it off since I was going with my friend. What I didn't know is that my friend truly felt the same way. We made it though and as we made our way from one house to the next I truly had a good time. the seed has been planted to regrow my love for RS. Someday I will love it. Until then, I will just try to see this all through.


Hatch Family said...

glad you went and you are NOT a social dork.

Jen said...

Yay! Glad we muttled through together! Hope you had fun!

Carrie said...

i am glad you were there too! thanks for letting me ride in your cool car!

Tammy said...

You guys are the greatest let me tell you!!! I couldn't have made it through without you guys!!!